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Meet our Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We teach several different disciplines at TraXside, so we have a staff with unique and varied skills. We are trained artists, dancers, and fitness instructors ready to serve you in your creative and wellness endeavours. 

Faculty of Instructors


Christi Tims- Art, Heels Dance, DanceFit, Musical Theatre


Christi is our director and owner at TraXside Studios. She created the studio to bring the arts to Blackie and area, and to house both of her favourite passions under one roof. Christi has always been a visual artist and a dancer.


She has her BFA/bED from the University of Calgary in Developmental Art. Christi has been an art educator since 2008, and has taught junior & senior high school, as well as elementary briefly. While working for the Foothills School Division, Christi taught art, dance, musical theatre, and communications technology as her specialty subjects. Since leaving public education she has taught art lessons to all ages, including paint parties, birthday parties, painting events and workshops all over Alberta. She began teaching at TraXside Studios as her main location in 2020.


Christi was a student of dance from the age of 3. She began with ballet, then did competitive gymnastics and jazz dance as a child. In high school she focused on jazz and musical theatre, and was the dance captain of the Mainstage Performing arts program at the Alberta High School of Fine Arts. Christi did one additional year in musical theatre with Calgary’s Summerstock Theatre in 2003 before attending university. Christi’s dance training continued in another direction as an adult when she joined Zumba Fitness in 2013. She did her Zumba instructor certification in Calgary, and began teaching classes in 2017. She attended several jam sessions and collaborative choreography sessions which focused on Latin and worldwide rhythms and styles. She performed at several masterclass events around the Calgary area. She continues to teach dance fitness, now using her own choreography and class style, minus the Zumba trademark name.  


In 2018 Christi wanted to train in a dance studio again, and began taking heels classes. This started a renewed love for traditional dance classes and being back in the studio. Christi pursued heels intensively with lessons, masterclasses and training from several companies over the next two years. She performed with ConfiDanse company in Calgary in 2019 and 2020, and continues to take classes at a variety of studios in the city and online from instructors around the world. Christi began teaching beginner/novice heels in 2020 at TraXside Studios and continues her own education as she teaches new dancers. 


Leanne Holt -Dance and Yoga Instructor

Leanne is a movement specialist with 30 years of dance experience and 20 years of instructing. Her infectious energy and passion for movement is evident through her ability to inspire others and promote change in their daily movement habits and awareness. Leanne's passion for dance began at a young age when she began ballet to assist with her congenital scoliosis. Growing up as a dancer with scoliosis; muscular balance, body alignment, and fascial release were forefront of her daily life. Through this unique experience, she has an impeccable eye for alignment and the movement knowledge to work toward balancing and correcting the body. 


Leanne is a multi-disciplinary yoga teacher, certified with Yoga Alliance, with over 200 hours of instruction. She completed her Bachelor of Communication and Culture with a minor in Dance. She has taught dance and choreographed with several companies such Summerstock Conservatory, City of Calgary, Jumping Jellies, Imperial School of Ballet, Okotoks community programs, Wildflower Arts and Stagecoach Theatre. She has a diverse background teaching all styles of dance and as a choreographer. She is passionate about engaging youth in the arts while building their confidence and positive body image. She also enjoys helping adults build a healthy relationship to their body, movement, and its connection to the mind. 


Leah Fisher- POUND Fitness Pro

Leah is our POUND Pro at TraXside Studios. She has been teaching POUND fitness for 5 years, and has been a student of this class for over 6 years. She did her POUND training in Calgary, Alberta and then traveled to LA in August of 2018 to become a certified Generation POUND instructor. There she trained with POUND icon master trainer Amber Bruehl. There are very few people in this area who are trained to teach POUND to children, making Leah a very unique member of our studio family. Leah has trained with POUND pros, founders and members from all over the world. We are proud to have her offering POUND drumming fitness at our studio. 


Shawna Zylstra-Yoga

Shawna is a registered yoga teacher with several specialty certifications such as Yoga for Lymphatic System, Biotensegrity (myofascial web), Pre/Post Natal with Pelvic Floor, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Advanced Yin & Meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Preschool and Special Needs, Kids, Teens and Diversity. She is also a registered Children's Yoga Teacher. She has over 200 hours of instruction and is working toward her 500 hour certification. 

Shawna says that Yoga inspired her and saved her at a difficult time.  She was a stressed out, anxious mother of 3 young boys with very little support when she discovered yoga. Practicing yoga became an asset to her whole family.  Her confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed as she grew mentally and physically stronger. She now makes it her mission to share this magic with other parents.  She feels that "We are strongest when we support each other and build each other up"; and this is how she contribute to the community.

Her classes are for everyone. They are gentle but challenging.  She encourages breathing and alignment in all of her instruction, and takes time to explain the purpose and mechanics of each movement as her students progress. She is a light-hearted and fun yoga teacher with a passion for practicing yoga with safe alignment.  She thrives on good energy and brings it with her in abundance. Shawna currently teaches at several locations throughout the Foothills, and offers group classes and individual/household sessions at TraXside Studios. 


Mady McArdle -Athletic Therapist, Fitness Professional, Acro teacher


Mady was born and raised in the Calgary area, growing up in Chestermere and Okotoks. Mady attended the University of Calgary where she obtained her Bachelor of Kinesiology with a major in mind sciences. She then continued her studies at Mount Royal University, graduating with her Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy. 


Mady grew up around sports and dance. Starting at a young age her summers consisted of golf and tennis at the family cabin, with soccer and dance during the school year. Dance later became her primary discipline, in which she spent 14 years competing in a variety of genres. Mady also played volleyball, basketball and ran track for several years. Mady now teaches dance and fitness classes in a few different locations. She is a certified personal trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, and has coached group fitness classes for 5 years. She currently teaches fitness for adults and kids, as well as Acro dance at TraXside Studios. She offers Acro to small groups and individual private lessons. 

Kathleen Portrait.JPEG

Kathleen Boudreau -Choral/Vocal Production/ Theatre


Kathleen has always had a passion for Speech Arts.  She began performing at a young age and quickly fell in love with the stage and the use of language.  After several years of local and provincial performances, and studies, she received her ARCT diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music through Mount Royal University. Upon completion of her studies, Kathleen enjoyed teaching Speech Arts at Irene Bessie Academy before beginning to teach privately.  She has spent many years preparing her own students to compete in local and provincial festivals.  She loves to share the knowledge and skills that she has honed over the years with others, as she believes strongly in the power of the well spoken word.

Kathleen is joining the TraXside team in fall of 2022 and will be a director of our musical theatre production. 

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Whitney Brecht- Dance Teacher -Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Preschool


Whitney has been dancing since she was 3, finding her love of dance first from ballet and then jazz. She has done competitive dance, trained in the R.A.D syllabus, as well as cheerleading and musical arts. After she was finished high school, she continued her education through college. Shortly after, she opened up her first studio. Since then she teaches in a few locations around Southern Alberta with dancers aged 2 and up, in jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical and hip hop, spreading her love and knowledge of dance.

Whitney is joining the TraXside team to teach dance in fall of 2022. 

Kaylea portrait.jpg

Kaylee Dandrea -Fitness Instructor 

Kaylee is a certified AFLCA fitness instructor with over 9 years of fitness experience. She is trained in group fitness, foam rolling and resistance training. She has taught at the Rec Center in High River as well as the HUB.  She loves to get creative while planning classes and never does the same workout twice. She welcomes all levels of fitness to her classes as they can be tailored to any level. 

Kaylee is joining the TraXside team in fall 2022.

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