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Art Classes 
2022 session Jan 10-June 17

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2022 Schedule 

Make & Take: Drop-In Art

Art for everyone:  All ages welcome. No registration required.

Please contact to make an appointment, or drop in *see our social media for schedule changes

Mon and Fri 10:00-12:00

Come in to create the project of the week! Each session can accommodate an adult and a kids' option to make. An instructor will guide you as you make your own masterpiece. Projects will vary from 2D art, 3D art, textiles, crafts and decor. Seasonal projects will be taught as appropriate for the time. All ages are welcome. Sessions are typically 1 hour, but may vary depending on detail and project. *Project details are posted on our social media -Facebook and Instagram- weekly. 

Maker Morning: Drop-In for Makers and Pros

Wednesday social time to BYO arts and crafts. No registration required.

 *see our social media for schedule changes

Wednesday 10:30am-1:00pm

Come work on your creations with company. BYO supplies for $5/ person to the studio funds & coffee/tea fund. $15 to use our supplies. Everyone welcome. Instruction not included in this time, but social chatter and peer feedback is always welcome. 


After-School Programs:

Note: We accommodate kids from several school districts. Choose the time that best fits your schedule, and know that if kids arrive late that's OK with us. As long as they have 1 hour they can usually complete projects without issues. 


Art for Kids:  *Registered program. Jan 10- June 17 

Mon/Wed 3:00-5:00pm.    Fri 1:30-3:30pm

Kids 6+ learn about various art media. We will cover 2D, 3D, with painting, drawing, sculpture, fibre arts and more. We are always creating something new and students often drive the class with their ideas. Students can register for multiple days of the week, and we will accommodate project changes. 

2022 Program Monday online only 1-2:00pm (Homeschoolers JR/SR)

                             Wednesday 3:00-5:00 is Art class (6+)

                             Thursday 3:00-5:00 is Teen Hub (12+)

                             Friday 1:30-3:30 is Art class (6+) 


After School Teen Hub/Community group:  *Registered program

Thursday 3:00-5:00pm 

Teens 12+ have a chance to work at their level on Thursdays. This group will focus on skill development in art, as well as working on community and collaborative projects. Things like murals, public space beautification and group projects will occur in this group, as well as focused studio time. Students are encouraged to develop their own projects and ideas with the guidance of a professional artist.  


Pre-school Art:

Little Makers:    *Registered program     Jan 11 - June 14

Tuesday 10:00-10:45am

Little artists, ages 3-6 (with or without parents-up to parent discretion/must me toilet trained) get to explore various media and make a fun mess away from home! This class is about learning to create, use colour and materials. We will make a fun project to take home each week. 

More Programs:

Sessions by appointment -choose your time. Advanced artists welcome! 

Anyone looking to deepen their artistic practice and expand their learning is welcome to book in to the studio and "play" with supplies and techniques as they're trained. Consult with a professional artist and create in a social atmosphere. Professionals, hobbyists, teens, seniors are all welcome. Call ahead to make sure the timing is ideal. We would like to have a hub group of artists help to establish the culture in the studio. Murals and other permanent art pieces are an option for experienced artists. 

Studio workshops:  


We will be offering workshops from a variety of instructors on a pop-up basis. Watch the website and our social media for announcements of workshops and intensives for artists and creative learners.