Art Classes for Winter/Spring 2021

Note: All classes are currently reduced in volume due to COVID-19. We will be distancing students, sanitizing supplies and spaces regularly, and doing everything we can to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our classes are now limited to 6 students, and drop-ins are no longer permitted. Everyone Is required to wear a mask. Due to our space limitations there are no exceptions. 

Make & Take: By appointment

Art for everyone:  1 household at a time. 

Please contact as sessions are by appointment.

Book your cohort a time to create a project! Each session can accommodate an adult and a kids' option to make. An instructor will guide you as you make your own masterpiece. Projects will vary from 2D art, 3D art, textiles, crafts and decor. Seasonal projects will be taught as appropriate for the time. All ages are welcome. Current restrictions allow for 1 household at a time. Sessions are typically 1 hour. 


After-School Programs (Ages 6+):

Note: Blackie School kids usually arrive at 3pm. Kids from other areas are welcome

to join later, and can easily complete projects if they have at least 1 hour. 

Updated Feb 6, 2021: All sessions are registered only. No drop-ins. 


Digital/Tradition Media Combo Class:  

Mondays 3:00-5:00pm (Max 6 per class)

Kids learn about various digital art media and also traditional media. We will cover photography composition and editing, video production, basic animation and digital design. We will alternate between digital projects and traditional media such as painting and sculpture. It's the best of both worlds! (Best fit for ages 8+). Kids must have a digital device such as a phone, laptop or tablet to use. 

Art:  Tuesdays -Friday 3:00-5:00pm (Max 6 per class) 

Kids explore their creative side with all sorts of drawing and painting media. We will create every session, learning techniques, and a bit of art history in a fun way. Learn to render, play with a variety of media, use both 2D and 3D techniques and media. Projects will change frequently throughout the session. Each day will do different projects, so register in multiple days per week! 

   More Programs:

Sessions by appointment -choose your time. Advanced artists welcome! 

Anyone looking to deepen their artistic practice and expand their learning is welcome to book in to the studio and "play" with supplies and techniques as they're trained. Consult with a professional artist and create in a social atmosphere. Professionals, hobbyists, teens, seniors are all welcome. Call ahead to make sure the timing is ideal. We would like to have a hub group of artists help to establish the culture in the studio. Murals and other permanent art pieces are an option for experienced artists. 

Studio workshops:  


We will be offering workshops from a variety of instructors on a pop-up basis. Watch the website and our social media for announcements of workshops and intensives for artists and creative learners. 

Schedule: Feb 6-June 18

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