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COVID-19 Policy: 

TraXside will do everything we can to ensure a safe environment for our students and instructors. As the COVID-19 Pandemic progresses, we may adapt our policies where appropriate.

Here's what we are doing:

1. The art and dance studios remain separate from each other. Each studio has its own washroom and students are encouraged to use the respective washroom to their activity.

2. All areas are sanitized each day. Washrooms are disinfected often. High-touch surfaces and supplies are disinfected regularly and between classes.

3. Social distancing is encouraged in all areas. Masks are optional, and we will follow the government regulations as they change. 

4.. Staff do not attend work if they are feeling ill. Substitute instructors will cover classes when necessary and possible. Any cancelation notices will be sent by email to those enrolled, and posted on our social media. 

5. All students and customers are monitored for symptoms. Students will be asked to return home or children will be separated from the group if ill, and parents will be called for pick up.

6. In the event that a class or group of classes must be canceled, the Studio will provide an alternative class (either online or at rescheduled date). If an alternative class is provided, no refunds will be issued. If we are unable to provide an alternative class, we will give credit for the class(es) missed.

*We will be opening our lounge area when it is deemed safe to do so. We would like to offer our lounge with seating, WIFI, and complimentary coffee/tea beverages to parents of students, and our gallery is full of handmade items by local makers that we encourage you to shop and browse. Outdoor tables with WIFI access are available for use anytime while waiting for kids in class. Our hotspot WIFI should even reach your vehicle, should you choose to remain in it.