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Adult Paint Parties

Christi Tims Art offers private parties for adults at any location. Book with your guests... We have all the supplies and a professional artist to instruct the painting.

Pricing  $40/ participant (+ 5% GST)   Deposit $50 to book 

Minimum 10 or $400. 

   To book a party, please contact Christi Tims

NOTE: 5% GST applies to all pricing 

Choose from the following painting projects:

*Don't panic when choosing a painting! Paintings that have challenging drawing components are often done with the use of stencils!

Flip Flop by Christi Tims

Flip Flop 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

By the Lake by Christi Tims

By the Lake 11x14" Acrylic on canvas

Zen Water Lilies Christi Tims

Zen Water Lilies 11x14" Acrylic

Sea Turtle by Christi Tims

Sea Turtle 12x16" Acrylic

Wild Horse by Christi Tims

Wild Horse 11x14" acrylic on canvas

Sugar Skull by Christi Tims

Sugar Skull 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Mother and child painting Christi Ti

I Love You to the Moon and Back 11x14" acrylic on canvas *Each time a group paints this picture, Christi will donate a portion of the proceeds to Carson Moreland, a friend's toddler with retinablastoma cancer.

Fairy Tree Christi Tims Art

Fire Fly Tree 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Winter Cardinals Christi Tims Art

Winter Cardinals 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Sugar Skull Bull painting

Sugar Bull 11x14" acrylic on canvas

Safari 2 Christi Tims Art

Safari 2 11x14" acrylic on canvas A variation of the Safari Tree painting

Sugar Skull Christi Tims Art

Sugar Skull 11x14" Based on the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead to honour those who have passed. Customize to symbolize your personal stories.

Ted Harrison inspired

Ted Harrison-Night! In-the-style-of Canadian artist Ted Harrison 11x14" Acrylic and raised edges

Winter Calm Christi Tims Art

Winter Calm 11x14" Acrylic on canvas

Birds on a Trellis by Christi Tims

Birds on a Trellis 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Moonlit Palm Tree Christi Tims Art

Moonlit Palm Tree 11x14"

Alberta Sunset Christi Tims Art

Alberta Sunset 14x11" Stencils are provided to customize your piece with horses, cowboys, moose, deer, family, birds or more.

Zumba Paint Night Christi Tims Art

Zumba Dancers 16x20" Acrylic on Canvas

The Other Side by Christi Tims Art

The Other Side (of the 3 Sisters, Canmore) Mountain Painting 11x14"

Together Tree partner painting

Together Tree (partner painting) 11x14" x 2 acrylic on canvas

Snowy Night paint party Christi Tims

Snowy Night 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Over the Top Christi Tims Art

Over the Top 11x14"

Wish I Were Here Christi Tims

Wish I Were Here 16x20" Acrylic on canvas

Springtime Fence & Flowers Christi T

Springtime Fence & Flowers 11x14"

Free Flowers by Christi Tims

Free Flowers 16x20" Acrylic on Canvas

Cherry Blossom Tree Christi Tims Art

Cherry Blossom Tree 11x14"

Race Car by Christi Tims

Race Car 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Wineglass Painting Party

Paint your own glass $40/person Choose wine or beer glass (1 each per person)

Family Tree 16x20" acrylic on canvas

Family Tree 16x20" (extra $3/person) or 11x14" Customize to symbolize your family. Add birds for grandparents, children, or even people who have passed on.

Safari Ski Ride Christi Tims Art

Safari Ski Ride 14x11" Customize with stencils of ATV's, Side-by-sides and dirtbikes. You choose!

Safari Trees Christi Tims Art

Safari Trees 12x12" Choose either African trees or palm trees

Abstract Red Dancers Christi Tims Ar

Abstract Red Dancers 12x12"

These Boots Christi Tims Art

These Boots 11x14" acrylic on canvas

Pumpkins by Christi Tims

Pumpkins 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Autumn Walk by Christi Tims

Autumn Walk 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas

Reindeer by Christi Tims

Reindeer 11x14" Acrylic

Snowman painting by Christi Tims Art

Snowman 12x12" Acrylic on Canvas

Christmas candle Christi Tims Art

Winter Trees candle holder Glass candle holder- floating or regular Perfect for a winter party!

Christmas wineglass party

1 wineglass each

Sleigh by Christi Tims Art

One Horse Sleigh 11x14" Acrylic on canvas

Christmas candle Christi Tims Art

Holiday Snowman Candle Holder Glass bowl for candle -floating or regular Perfect for a holiday party!

Note: All of the above paintings are originals by Christi Tims. With the exception of your own painting at these events, you may not copy or reproduce Christi's paintings or any portion thereof, and you may not sell, lease or distribute any reproduction of any Christi Tims painting, including the painting that you paint at your Event. Any unauthorized use of Christi's paintings is strictly prohibited.

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