About the Artist

Christi Tims works with a variety of media; including painting and drawing. She is now doing airbrushing on motocross vehicles, helmets, guitars, and other objects. Her subjects cover a wide range of topics, including off-road images, music icons, skulls, dancers, equestrian and more. "I paint the things I am passionate about, or that pique my interests. Subjects usually go with what I'm into at the time." 


Christi's style is a blend of representational and personal expression. Her works are inspired by life experience and hobbies. (Especially ATV riding and music!) 

Christi grew up in Peterborough, Ontario but has lived in Alberta since 1999. She was very involved in equine events as a young child, and began drawing horses. Lots and lots of horses! This is where Christi discovered art as her passion. She studied art in high school and went on to earn a BFA in visual art and a BEd from the University of Calgary.

After working for 5 years as a high school teacher (teaching art, digital design and dance), Christi is now a full-time professional artist. She is working on new paintings and custom orders constantly, and always seeking inspiration and working on developing new art skills.