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    2022/2023 season is ready to book! 
We have made a few changes to the system and pricing, so please take note:

-Some classes are listed with a registration fee (due immediately) and monthly payments. The registration fee covers any administrative costs associated with the class, and the showcase (art or performance) fee. It is non-refundable. Monthly payments will be set up as auto-payments via credit card or post-dated cheques. The studio will email you to set up your method of payment after you register online. You are considered registered as soon as we process your payment method. 

-Some of our classes are listed as Full Year (Sept-June) and others are 1 session (Sept-Christmas). There will be 1 showcase for 1 session classes, and 2 for full year classes. 
-Musical Theatre (Willy Wonka) Production classes run Sept-Apr 1
-Adult fitness classes are sessional. Sign up now for Sept-Christmas. 
-Kids' art classes are all full year classes (Sept-June)

*In order to opt out of a full year class, the studio requires 30 days written notice of cancelation and fees will be applied for the final month.