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What to wear &

bring to class

What do I wear to class? 

Dress code for child dancers:


Girls- bodysuit and tights, any colour. Hair tied back off face. *For acro dance, tights should be footless to avoid slipping when tumbling. Shorts can be worn with bodysuit. 

Boys- easily moveable clothing, any colour. Hair tied back off face if long.


Shoes for class:

Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Acro- Ballet/Jazz slippers any colour

Tap- tap shoes (no high heels), any colour

Hip Hop-Runners with non-marking soles. Indoor shoes only. 

*No shoes may have marking soles for any classes.


Adult fitness classes:

For adults we do not have a specific dress code. Please wear clothes that are easy to move in and non-restrictive (ex: no jeans.) Runners or cross-trainer shoes are best for classes with dance and fitness movements. Bare feet are fine for Yoga and POUND. 


Adult Heels Dance:

Wearing heels is optional. The best heels for dance are booties or boots with good ankle support. Do not wear pumps with no straps or ankle support. It is best to begin with a smaller or chunkier heel, and then progress toward a taller or stiletto heel. Street shoes are fine for this class (as long as they are clean), as are bare feet or runners if you’d prefer. Knee pads are advised to have in your bag for floor work. 

Some people like to spice up their outfits and get sassy -you do YOU! That's what this class is about. Go wild, or come in your sweats... it's up to you. 

What do I bring with me? 

Please bring a yoga mat for all Yoga, POUND, and stretching classes. 


For some 55+ classes, you’ll be sent an assessment form to fill out, to make sure you can safely participate in class. Please make sure to fill out this form and return it to your instructor prior to attending the first class. 

We recommend bringing a water bottle to class. We do not have a water fountain. We do have tap water for refills. Please no gum or food in the dance studio. No outdoor shoes in the dance studio.


What are the studio's health policies?

Please do not attend class if you are feeling unwell with any contagious illness, or know you have COVID 19. Thank you for keeping others safe.

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