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SOS: Save Our Studio!

TraXside Studios has been serving Blackie, Vulcan, High River and surrounding Foothills areas for a year and a half now. We created a space to inspire creativity, health and wellness through art, dance and fitness. We brought in experienced, certified instructors from surrounding towns, and have been teaching all ages since Sept 2020.

We are now entering our 4th session in the middle of a pandemic, uncertainty, and economic hardships. We want to continue to provide opportunities for arts education and fitness classes here in our rural community, but we need to be honest.... It can't happen without the participation of the community. It breaks our hearts to have to cancel classes, but without enough people registered it just isn't feasible to run them.

We are not quite ready to give up, so we are asking this.... if you have been hesitating to sign up or have questions, please talk to us and please get your registrations in. The decision as to which classes run and which classes do not will be made by Dec 31 before 2022 begins. Our hope for the new year is to keep our classes running.

We have altered our schedule image to show you exactly how many registrations are needed for each class on the calendar in order to make it viable. We ask that if you're holding back for some reason, you consider signing up for that class! We ask that you talk to your friends, make a carpool plan.... hold each other accountable to attend! Sometimes that is what it takes to get us out of our houses in these cold winter months and into something we know is good for our bodies and soul.

Here is our SOS-Save Our Studio Schedule:

Pricing and booking links can be found on our website at


1. That's a lot up of money up front for 6 months. Can I pay it in instalments?

A: Yes! Monthly payment plans are available. Simply book online and choose "pay in person", then send us an email requesting a monthly payment plan and we'll set you up. Easy peasy.

2. What if I am not vaccinated for COVID-19? Can I come to class?

A: Yes. In order to meet the REP program outlined by the government of Alberta, you can attend class with proof of a negative result on a rapid test. We will accept proof of negative results on a rapid test within 72 hours of the test being taken, provided you do not present with COVID symptoms.

3. If I am unvaccinated can my minor child attend your classes? Can I come in?

A: Yes! We are outside of the Calgary city limits, which means we have to follow the Alberta REP program (which is different from Calgary.) Anyone under 18 may participate in classes without testing or vaccination, as long as they have no symptoms. (Nobody may attend with COVID symptoms, vaccinated or not.) Parents are welcome to come in the building, shop, and watch from our viewing area in the shop area. We thank you for wearing a mask and following social distancing. We won't ask you for vaccine proof.

If you have questions or inquiries, please contact us at 403-620-1217 (call or text) or email

Our studio can be found at 1209 Railway Ave, Blackie. We are closed in-person until January 3.

*Class decisions will be made by Dec 31 in order to allow our staff to make plans for their 2022 year.

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